• Front-end developer
  • Illustrator
  • Bass player
  • Projectionist
  • Podcaster
  • Pizzaiolo
From Montréal, CA


Un Autre Monde…

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Brand New Lungs

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Sauvons les animaux…

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Montreal Punk Rock Flea Market

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Mad Bakers

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“Pinza” Pin

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Go Colima

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Roberts Space Industries

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Fine Cuisine

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Laisser le poste ouvert - 2018
By Noé Talbot
Writing and bass guitar arrangements.
C'était Mieux avant - 2011
By Guerilla Poubelle
Bass and back vocals.
Schlaben Die Kartoffel - 2013
By Personne
Text and music writing, bass, lead vocals, booking, management.

The Questionable Little Cinema

Based on the "Lundis Douteux" concept from Montréal, The Questionable Little Cinema is a roving show offering weird videos screenings. From really bad movies to the most ludicrous Internet gems, this 1h30 improvised show will keep you dubious about what you see, hear and feel.

Next Screenings

Ken Who?

Based in Montreal for 5 years now, I work as a Front-end developer with a designer background. I'm also an illustrator and musician, trained by the famous DIY university. I'm probably available to work on a fun project, why not contact me ?


Html• Php • Css3 • Sass • Javascript


Wordpress • Gulp • Bootstrap • Gitlab • Github • Terminal


Photoshop• Illustrator • Indesign • Final Cut Pro X • Logic Pro X • Clip Studio Paint

"Oh, hi Mark."

Want to eat pizza, work together or tell me that you enjoy living in a world were 80% of movies are remakes or reboots?

Send me a message, I’ll be delighted to answer you!